Sunday, March 12, 2006

Drunk on Spring

Forget spring fever. This is a drunk, people, an event when common sense is forgotten, you imagine yourself twenty years younger and much more beautiful than you ever were, you fall insanely in love with every puddle and twig. In short, if there was a lampshade out there, I would have been wearing it.

Sunshine, blue sky, a fresh if chilly wind, puddles everywhere. I still love puddles just as much as I did when I was four. I still like splashing in them if I'm wearing the right boots and there are no witnesses. (Being a grown-up is a drag that way.) I could still stare into them for hours. I can still remember specific puddles from different times in my life. Now, during the spring melt, they're everywhere. Yippee!

Every year I look forward to seeing the pools that form at the bases of the trees along the driveway into the park. I guess the standing water is really bad for the trees, but I love to see the repeated reflections going off into the distance. From close up, you can look down through the sparkling water and ice to last year's grass underneath, with the sky floating on top of it all.

I always want to paint it, but there's not a single good spot to work from. The only reasonable place to stand is in the road, which isn't busy but does have some traffic. There's no place to put anything down. My sketchbag, balanced on a handy log, kept threatening to topple into the water.

So the sketches are really quick and crude, in my little book, with the colour added from an already-fading memory after I got home.

The last sketch is of the open water near the faraway shore of the river. Everybody knows that when there's open water, the geese start to come back, and sure enough I saw a little flock - so little that I thought they might have overwintered, but after that I saw two larger flocks. The geese are back! And local farmers say winter's over when you can hear the crows. I didn't just hear them, I saw them flapping around everywhere.


Laura said...

Oh wow! Gosh, I LOVE these! The one of the road going through the trees, the trees' reflections in the water---how did you capture the light so well, so quickly? Do you paint in oils? You should! These are just lovely. I mean every single, enthusiastic word!

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

These sketches are truly lovely! I've been looking at your sketches with great interest and have begun working on some things of my own. So there you go… you're an inspiration :-)

Agnes said...

Thank you for your comment, Gingersnaps. I've been inspired by all the blogs I'm reading these days, especially from the workbook group, so it's nice to hear that someone gets inspiration from me, too.

Laura, once again, the photos look better than the real life sketches, but I think excitement did lend a little magic to the brush. I do paint in oils sometimes;it's actually my favourite medium. However, it's difficult to use them indoors during the long winter. My husband is home all day due to health issues, including some breathing problems, so I try to keep oils for outdoor use only. Sometimes I wonder if the pastel dust bothers him, but he insists they don't. Sketching in watercolour does help the craving to push paint around.

Linda said...

I love your drawings as much as your writing. What a perfect combination of talents you posess! Your blog is simply a joy.

Karen Winters said...

What a wonderful reflection on spring, both visually and verbally. We never have the thrill of spring here quite the way that people do who live in cooler climes, so I'm always happy to read about it and experience it vicariously! Beautiful!