Saturday, February 24, 2007


My plan to do more sketching is coming along pretty well.

I sketched in the local diner, learning that coats on hooks sit pretty still, people not so much.

I drew a guy in a wheelchair having coffee at Mac's Milk. (I knew he wouldn't mind being drawn because he's my husband.)

A guy in a baseball cap. No relation.

The cats were happy to pose. This is Vinnie, a very large, gentle, sweet, ten-year-old tabby. He likes to lie on his back to take the weight off his feet.

I even dabbled in a little colour. Of course, Jake took up a lot of room on the table, distracting attention from the fuji apple which was supposed to be the subject.

So I'm an almost-regular sketcher now, but obviously the blogging still needs work. I'll try to show up more often from now on.