Saturday, February 24, 2007


My plan to do more sketching is coming along pretty well.

I sketched in the local diner, learning that coats on hooks sit pretty still, people not so much.

I drew a guy in a wheelchair having coffee at Mac's Milk. (I knew he wouldn't mind being drawn because he's my husband.)

A guy in a baseball cap. No relation.

The cats were happy to pose. This is Vinnie, a very large, gentle, sweet, ten-year-old tabby. He likes to lie on his back to take the weight off his feet.

I even dabbled in a little colour. Of course, Jake took up a lot of room on the table, distracting attention from the fuji apple which was supposed to be the subject.

So I'm an almost-regular sketcher now, but obviously the blogging still needs work. I'll try to show up more often from now on.


Kim said...

Hi Agnes -
Ran across your post and drawings and decided to drop a couple words of encouragement. I think your drawings are wonderful -and equally so, your decision to stick with your New Year resolution.

If you need a bit of inspiration every now and then, drop by my blog sometime - it's how I stick with my own New Year Resolutions. Stick with it, your work is great! :)

Laura said...

Agnes, I'm so thrilled to see you posting again---and to see these lovely drawings. I especially like the one of your husband and your cat. In these simple drawings you've communicated love and affection. Isn't that the miracle of pencil on paper when they work well? Keep going!