Friday, January 05, 2007


This is a pencil sketch of Jake, our Himalayan, taking a snooze. The lower one is the undoctored photo. The upper one was "fixed" in photoshop to make it more visible. Maybe I need a more high-contrast medium.
After trying for weeks to come up with a plan for developing my drawing skills during the coming year, no particular subject appealed to me as a focus, so the plan, if you can call it that, is to pick up some kind of drawing tool and wiggle my fingers until black marks appear on the page, then publish the results on this blog.
The only rule is that I must draw from life, not photos. I see wonderful work by other artists done from photos, but I know that working from life is what I need at this time. If it limits me to cats, pears, and coffee cups, so be it. Sigh.

Yesterday was the the first day. Not only am I rusty, but I've also lost the ability to concentrate for more than a few minutes. My brain does not want to observe. It whines that it wants to go watch the food network. I expect to be pretty creaky for a while, but hopefully the brain and I will limber up.

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Laura said...

Yay, you! I think this is a wonderful start, Agnes. I love the line quality--there's such a nice fluidity and energy here, I agree with you that drawing from life is the most soulful way to go. In some instances, though, you go where your projects take you. Keep going with these!