Sunday, April 23, 2006

Now, Where Was I?

These are a few sketches completed before I regretfully dropped out of Laura's tree study during the month of March. I did continue to draw when time permitted, but the regularity wasn't there, so not much progress took place. The big pines with the spreading branches make me want to do a bigger picture of them. More sketches needed there.

Meanwhile Laura, as always, produced some truly inspiring work as the month went on. And did you see her recent drawing of the female cardinal on its nest? Absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see what she brings back from France.

After a couple of weeks of very good weather, our trees are starting to pop - much more inspiring than they were a month ago. So I'm still studying trees, but hope to show other things as I get back into a more serious working mode. I also want to get more familiar with Blogger and learn how to make it work for me, arrange my photos the way I want them, have lists of books and my favourite sites, and all those other things I enjoy so much on other people's blogs.


Laura said...

How nice to have you back, Agnes. I'm glad all is going relatively well and I'm VERY excited to see your recent sketches. The middle one, with its slash and touches of ultramarine blue is my favorite, though I quite like all of them. You're so talented. Let us see more of your work soon ;D.
PS Many thanks for your kind comments.

Linda said...

Agnes, these are stunning -- and I especially love the top one! Can't wait to see more.

Karen Winters said...

Beautiful work, Agnes, you have really captured the feeling of those scenes.