Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Farewell Old Friend

We've sold our tent trailer, along with a lot of other things, to help pay for installing a bathroom on the main floor. There's no doubt that we need the bathroom, and it can't be said that we need the trailer, which hasn't left the yard in two years. Still, it wasn't easy to let it go. A very nice family bought it. Their little boy fell in love with our gray cat and carried her around the yard in his arms (she almost as big as he) while his elders made their inspection. I like to think of him tucked into his bunk at night, listening to the loons as he falls asleep. My daughter composed her first two poems, at the age of six, while doing just that.

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Laura said...

Agnes, this sketch and the two of your daughter below have such wonderful, sensitive linework. I look forward to seeing more!