Monday, February 13, 2006

Knitting Olympics Day 4

This may look pretty much like what I showed on Saturday, but there's a difference. No, I don't mean the powdering of snow. Those circular needles just don't want to let anything lie flat.

No, the difference is, this has no mistakes. Ta-da! I'm starting to get the rhythm of this pattern, and this afternoon I was thinking that it would go faster now and allow me to make up for lost time.
Wrong. Even while the thought was forming, I ran into some unexplained flying-fickle-finger-of-fate type of experience and had to rip back to the next purl row. It's all right now, though. Touch wood.

For variety I'm going to try posting some gesture drawings from my sketchbook. It's mainly to see if I can put two pictures in one post. These were done on a freezing cold day with sun so bright I could only really see silhouettes. They were done in the park where people took their small children to play on the ice with hockey sticks.

Well, I didn't really intend for that to turn up 'way up there with the knitting. Needs work.

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