Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Knitting Olympics Project

Here's what I'm working on. (At least I hope it's here. This is my first attempt to post a photograph.) I haven't got to six inches yet. It's definitely a case of one step forward and two steps back, but so far I'm pleased with it.

It's going to be a very long scarf or very narrow stole, meant to be worn with a spaghetti strap evening dress. The pattern is "Razor Shell", a shetland lace pattern by Hazel Carter published in the Summer 1997 issue of Spinoff.

I wanted to make it in silk but couldn't find any in the right colour. Black or white would have been a more sensible choice than the wine, but I didn't want to subject my eyes to working on black lace, and white just wouldn't be right with the dress.

So I took this beautiful Filatura de Crosa merino, and I only hope there's enough of it. I was feeling a little cheap that day, with several other projects to buy for, and I decided to go with the advice of Elizabeth Zimmerman on how much to buy, which goes something like, "when using fine yarn, surprisingly little; when using bulky yarn, quite a lot..."

I bought three 50-gram balls, and that is indeed surprisingly little, not to say frighteningly little. I'm hoping that the holes in the lace, combined with blocking, will stretch it far enough. Otherwise I'll have to try to find more of the dyelot, and what do you think my chances of that are, remembering the principles of Murphy's Law?

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