Tuesday, February 21, 2006

KO Update and Some Sketches

Here are a few more sketches, just to show that I'm not knitting all day long. In fact, I'm confining work on the stole to lunchtime and evenings so precious daytime hours are reserved for art. These repeated sketches of my neighbours' gable are paying off. Yesterday I moved from the sketchbook to the easel, and I'm quite pleased with the underpainting. I'm hoping to do a series of at least four, including a night painting.

The stole is almost done. As I mentioned in the comments yesterday, I don't know how much to expect it to stretch lengthwise during blocking, so it's a wild guess where to stop. It's sideways stretch that's needed most; it really looks too narrow right now. Remember how I worried in the beginning about running out of wool? I haven't touched the third ball of yarn yet, so it could have been a lot wider.

I hope to have it blocked by Thursday, because my daughter will be home for Reading Week and can try it on with the dress. Also, I need her bed to do the blocking! If the colour isn't right, it can still be used with other outfits, and it could even function as a snowy-day scarf if wound a few times around the neck. So it will be used. The question is, will it be used for its intended function, as a wrap for the wine-coloured spaghetti strap dress?


Ashley said...

If you can't use it with the dress, it'll always work as an extra huge scarf. That's why I love black coats, everything matches!

Knittymama said...

I'm impressed you've gotten so far with all that frogging!!!! I had to laugh at how many ways you can make a mistake; I've been feeling the same way (which is why I have to tink 12 rows tonight, damn ice dancers with all their drama distracting me!:-)

I love the mix of artwork and knitting BTW!

lydia said...

really nice - love these.